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Dennis McKeon, essayist and former racing Greyhound trainer

In my mind and memory, she is and always will be the blithest of greyhound spirits…

The One Who Got Away, Dennis McKeon

Show Notes

Greyhound Nation went “on the air” as a brand new podcast for Greyhound enthusiasts on August 11, 2020. Our first guest was Dennis McKeon, a former racing Greyhound trainer and respected essayist on the breed. Since then, we’ve released over twenty episodes covering a variety of topics on the Greyhound breed.

In our first year, we’ve sought to give voice to the Greyhound breed and its fans. We’ve also sought to educate those who want to learn more about Greyhounds. Our topics and guests have been international in scope and covered the gamut. British coursing. American amateur racing. Greyhound adoption and breed advocacy. Greyhound photography.

In honor of our one-year anniversary, we invited Dennis McKeon back to the show to read some of his favorite essays about Greyhounds. Dennis writes about Greyhounds from his years of experience as a racing Greyhound trainer. His essays seek to bridge the gap between the American racing Greyhound experience and their life in retirement.

We hope you enjoy Dennis’ reading of the essays and continue to follow our podcast. There are many more destinations to explore in the Greyhound Nation. Here’s to another year of Greyhound adventure, listeners.