You are currently viewing Australian Greyhound Racing and Rehoming with Rob Macaulay, CEO of Greyhound Racing New South Wales
Foreground: Rob Macaulay, CEO of Greyhound Racing NSW; Background: Greyhounds racing at Hastings River Greyhound Club

Episode 35: Recorded February 23, 2023

“Our most western track…is a 14 hour drive from Sydney…”

Rob Macaulay on Broken Hill, one of the 30 community run Greyhound tracks in New South Wales

Show Notes

Rob Macaulay served as legal counsel for Greyhound Racing New South Wales (NSW) four years ago and immediately immersed himself in the sport of Australian Greyhound racing. When the opportunity presented itself, he applied to serve as Greyhound Racing NSW’s Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Rob leads the organization’s racing and welfare initiatives in Australia’s largest and most southwest state.

The Australian track system will, at first glance, appear very different from the American system. Tracks under Greyhound Racing NSW’s umbrella of leadership are community clubs, similar to English football clubs. Rob speaks of the smallest and most remote tracks like the Broken Hill Greyhound Club in the same breath as the largest Greyhound racing tracks in Sydney. One gets the sense that there is a sense of community pride within this Australian Greyhound racing system.

Rob is very eager to share Australian racing Greyhounds with the world when they retire. Similar to the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust association with Greyhound Pets of America, Greyhound Racing NSW is piloting a similar adoption program for potential American Greyhound adopters. In 2023, Rob has a goal to introduce 120 Australian Greyhounds into the enthusiastic and welcoming arms of American adopters.

In this episode, John and Rob sit down to discuss the Australian racing Greyhound and the sport’s present and future. The conversation covers the community centric track system in New South Wales, technical aspects of Australian races and racing surfaces, and the wagering and funding of the sport. They also cover the welfare and rehoming of Australian racing Greyhounds, including the emerging partnership with Greyhound Pets of America.