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Episode 2 – Recorded July 16, 2020

“I get there early, ’cause I want a good parking spot.”

Jennifer Bachelor

Show Notes

That’s the mindset of Jennifer Bachelor, trainer of champion agility Greyhounds — get settled and get focused. It’s all part of her plan of action when she brings one of her many Greyhounds to an agility competition.

Jennifer’s trained both former racing Greyhounds and Greyhound puppies for agility, winning multiple Master Agility Championship Titles (MACH). Her knowledge runs the gamut — from prospecting for potential hounds to rehabilitating injured athletes back to competition status.

Join Jennifer and Greyhound Nation host, John Parker, as they discuss a day in the life of an agility competitor, finding and training just the right agility Greyhound, and that one hound that made it to the big screen.

This episode is dedicated to Jennifer’s late husband, Stephen. Stephen was a friend to Greyhounds, the Southeastern Greyhound Club, and John.