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Clockwise, from left — Endless Gossip, Real Huntsman, Mick the Miller, and Westmead Hawk

Episode 33: Recorded November 19, 2022

“He had become the darling of the crowds in England…we’re talking about crowds…of a hundred thousand people…”

Author Charlie Blanning on Mick the Miller, one of his “top five” Greyhound picks

Show Notes

Charlie Blanning and Gary Guccione are second to none when it comes to declaring the “top five” racing Greyhounds in the modern era. Charlie — author of three Greyhound history books — gravitates towards the finest English and Irish racers 20th century. Gary — former Executive Director of the National Greyhound Association — brings a distinctly American selection of Greyhounds to his “best of” list.

In this episode, host John Parker asks the question of both Charlie and Gary — “Can you name five racing Greyhounds that stand out above all others?” Charlie and Gary deliver, with stories of Mick the Miller, Westy Whizzer and Westmead Hawk, just to name a few. Join us for a fine hour of Greyhound history, discussion of the sport of Greyhound racing, and news on Charlie’s books.

Charlie’s Top Five Racing Greyhounds

  1. Westmead Hawk (Wikipedia)
  2. Ballyregan Bob (Wikipedia)
  3. Pigalle Wonder (Wikipedia)
  4. Endless Gossip (Wikipedia)
  5. Mick the Miller (Website)

Gary’s Top Five Racing Greyhounds

  1. Downing (Greyhound Hall of Fame)
  2. Miss Whirl
  3. Westy Whizzer
  4. Real Huntsman (Greyhound Hall of Fame)
  5. Traffic Officer (Website) and Flashy Sir